Witchs Rock Surfing Tour

Witchs Rock Surf Tour

Surf Charter to Roca Bruja / Witchs Rock

The Naranjo Beach Surf Tour tour, also called Witchs Rock Surf Tour will take you to Witchs Rock, or Playa Naranjo. It is a much sought after surfing tour. The perfect place to stay for this tour is Papagayo or Playas del Coco, Ocotal or Playa Hermosa as they are the northernmost hotel zones and therefore closest to Naranjo Beach.

Wicths Rock Surf Tour

The tour leaves very early in the morning or depending on the tides, later. No doubt because of the winds, the best time to surf Roca Bruja is early in the morning, hopefully when the tide is rising, from ¼ to ¾ or even full tide when there is a good swell. The offshore winds of the mornings normally last until around 10 AM, but it can be until later, it depends on the time of the year.

Wicths Rock Surf Tour

The tour includes picking up customers at the beach of your hotel, boat transportation, tickets / or not tickets to the national park, as well as drinks (water, fruits and fruit juice). The tour can be carried out in two modes of transport, motor boat or sailing catamaran, in case the overnight tour is desired.