Papagayo Snorkeling Tour


Half day snorkel trip

The coast north and also South of Papagayo has some great spots for snorkeling, with shallow waters, abundant rocky pinnacles and fewer currents. This is where our snorkeling tour will take you. So if you are traveling with your family and you have children with you, or in case you do not have the diving certification, you will also be able to explore the marine habitats.

What do expect from snorkeling

Marine wildlife

The snorkeling tour departs early in the morning at 07 15 – 07 30 and returns around 4 hours later. It includes the snorkeling gear, bottled water, snorkeling guide and the boat transfer and pick up and return from the hotel. Some of the species you might encounter during snorkeling are quite impressive. Abundant coral fish, including Diamonds, Angels, Surgeons, Moray Eels, Rays, Oct opus, some corals, sponges, and also some deep water species, like Jack, Tuna, Barracuda, Snappers and perhaps even groupers. The abundance of colorful coral reef fish is also quite impressive.

Snorkel and dive

Snorkel and scuba diving

You can also combine snorkeling in some cases with scuba diving. This means, that in case members of your party are divers and certified for immersions, you can also share the tour with them. While the divers are put in a spot for scuba diving, you will later be taken to another site more adequate for snorkeling. Each immersion will have a guide and security procedures of course. After the diving part returns, and the snorkeling session is also finished, you will return on the same boat back to the hotel.