Papagayo Sailing and Snorkeling - Diving

Catamaran Sailing

Catamaran Sailing and Snorkeling - Diving Tour

Our company also has two first-class sailing catamarans, luxurious, well maintained, with excellent food and drinks included. Our catamaran sailboat will take you on a fun and unforgettable tour where you can combine snorkeling, diving and stand up paddle tour.

Morning sailing and snorkeling / diving tour

Sailing and Diving

The morning 4-hour tour starts at 8 am and ends 4 hours later, at 12 noon. The tour includes picking up customers directly on the beach of your hotel, and then, a once done that, we begin a catamaran adventure sailing adventure on the open ocean, or explore the rocky and dramatic coast of Guanacaste, including stops on a rocky island where you can discover the wonders that inhabit the submerged rocky pinnacles of the area. The tour includes light meals, unlimited drinks, fruits as well as snorkeling with excellent equipment.

Half day sunset sailing and snorkeling / diving tour

Sailing and snorkeling

The SUNSET tour starts at 2 in the afternoon and ends at 6 PM. This tour includes all the same of the morning tour, but additionally, upon return, you can enjoy the incredible colors of the Pacific Ocean sunsets, all seen from aboard the catamaran.

Full Day Catamaran Sailing

The full day tour starts at 10 AM and ends at 6 PM. This tour, in addition to including snorkeling, stand up paddling and a delicious lunch on a private beach, also includes exploring an island with rocky pinnacles, where snorkeling is usually very good and you can see many animals that live in the sea, such as colorful schools of coral fish, eels, rays, and even sharks. On the full day tour you return around 6 PM, just in time to still be able to see the sunset from aboard the catamaran.