Murcielago Islands Overnight Diving Tour

Islas Murcielago Islands 2  days

Murcielago Islands Overnight Scuba Expedition

Our overnight scuba diving expedition to explore the Murcielago Islands departs any given day with previous notice. Please book this tour in advance to make the proper reservations .Also remember diving the Murcielago Islands does require some expertise, so please request in advance and send your diving expertise and information in advance also.


Diving Murcielago Overnight

The tour will take you to explore the famous Murciélago Islands, which next to the Isla del Caño the South Pacific and after the Cocos Island are considered the best diving point in Costa Rica. Its cold waters attract very interesting fauna, including deep sea species, such as large rays as well as shark species, such as the Bull Shark, and occasionally Mako and Tigre sharks.


Murcielago Scuba Tour

The 2-day, 1-night tour includes sleeping on board our catamaran, which includes four bedrooms, each with its own private bathroom and shower, large air-conditioned lounge, enough space on the deck and all meals included, which are high quality. Additionally, the tour includes three 2-tank dives by bliss to explore the islands. On day two, after finishing the last dive, you will calmly sail back to your hotel. The tour includes pick-up directly at the beach of your hotel.

Good dive sites

El Gran Susto (130 FT)

Este sitio se llama el Gran Susto porque precisamente ha asustado a algunos, ya que es donde están las mejores posibilidades de ver a grandes Tiburones Toro, los cuales son impresionantemente grandes y corpulentos.

Bajo Negro (120 FT)

This impressive rock pinnacle, covered with several species of coral and sponges, attracts an impressive marine life. The pinnacle will be explored from the bottom up. There are possibilities to see large open water sharks, such as the Mako and the Tiger Shark, as well as large rays, eels and rich schools of fish.

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