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Local dive sites in Papagayo

Best dive sites

If you still don't have the experience to explore the Catalina Islands or the Bat Islands, don't worry. In the Papagayo area, leaving Bahia Culebra to the North and also to the South, off the coast of Playa Hermosa and El Coco there are about 15 local dive sites, which can also surprise you with excellent conditions, a rich marine life and excellent visibility. Among the best known sites are Virador, Cabeza e Mono and Punta Argentina.

We do not have a favorite local site, but depending on the conditions, we decide a day before or on the same day which sites to visit to offer the best diving conditions. However, if you necessarily want to visit a site for some reason, you can indicate it before and so we can coordinate it.

Cabeza e Mono

Cabeza e Mono has this name because it is a rock whose shape looks like the head of an ape. It is an independent rock where you can see sharks, as well as species of rays.


Meros is a submerged ecosystem that receives its name since in this site you can see large groupers, which by conditions live on the site.

Punta Argentinas

Punta Argentina is a series of sharp rocky pinnacles that move away from an islet and enter the sea. Coral schools abound on this site, offering a wonderful spectacle of colors everywhere. You can also see rays and sharks occasionally.

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Tiburones is another favorite site. Whitetip reef sharks find their home on this site. It is also famous for the large number of stripes that inhabit this point.


Tortuga is a place where a fishing boat that had sunk next to a pinnacle lies. On this site there are great possibilities to see whitetip sharks, sea turtles, eels and several species of rays.

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Virador is a very good spot, where there is a cavern at 30 feet deep, which usually contains a rich marine fauna, such as sharks, several species of rays, coral fish and large snappers.

Punta Gorda

Punta Gorda is a very good dive site, where there is an abundance of corals in good condition in the deepest part. You can also see nurse sharks, in fact, it is a breeding site is nurse sharks.


Sorpresa is one of the dive sites with deeper waters. Here you can see very large eels, it is also famous for the schools of thousands of fish that create tornadoes of fish from deep to the surface.

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